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CLimate Talks

Every other Tuesday of fall quarter, we'll be hosting discussions about some of the most pressing issues related to climate change. Stop by to join in on the debate.

Location: Climate Action Lab, 1st Floor of Ridge Walk Academic Complex

Time: 6 PM

Week 2 (OCT. 5)

The End Is Near!? How Do We Communicate the Gravity of Climate Change to Induce Action, without Inducing Paralyzing Despair?

climate change despair

Week 4 (Oct. 19)

How Should We Decarbonize UC San Diego?


Week 6 (NOV. 2)

Geoengineering: Impractical Idea, Shiny Distraction, or Climate Solution?


Week 8 (NOV. 16)

Can We Stop Climate Change without Dismantling Capitalism?


Week 10 (NOV. 30)

Environmental Racism: How Do We Quantify, Map, and Communicate It?

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