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Current Student Staff

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Lindsey Ngo

Lead Editor [UCSD]

Lindsey Ngo is a second-year student pursuing a Political Science major, with a minor in Linguistics. She's interested in researching about the politics delaying leaders from taking substantial steps towards a sustainable future, and how to cultivate a more hopeful mindset moving forward. 



Writer [ucsd]

Kida is a UCSD anthropology student focused on establishing an equitable education system, communities that are climate resilient, and contemporary human rights. Her passions include video games, going to disco parties, photography. 


Erin Shaotran

Writer [ucb]

Erin Shaotran is a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Society & Environment. She is passionate about reducing the impact of climate change for future generations and has published a book on Erin loves to spend time outdoors with her rescue Pomeranian, Chili.

Alumni Founders


Founder ucsd

Ethan is a fourth year urban studies and planning major with a minor in climate change studies. He is passionate about utilizing architecture and urban design to address contemporary issues, and likes gardening, ceramics, and geography.

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Co-editor-in-chief ucsd

Eleanor is a fourth-year General Biology major with a minor in environmental systems. She is motivated to pursue a future in ecology and conservation research. In her free time, she enjoys observing wildlife and exploring new places.

Alumni Staff



Daniel Sjoholm is a second-year Urban Studies and Planning major and Computational Social Science. He particularly enjoys studying sustainable transportation and land use, along with the social effects of climate change. In his free time, he swims, watches baseball, and does yoga.


Roux Reilly


Roux is a first year Literatures in English major. She is very passionate about modern conservation and preservation efforts, especially when it concerns our oceans. She believes that the well-being of nature is directly linked to the wellbeing of all of us. In her free time, Roux enjoys    participating in beach clean ups, hiking, and reading at home. 


Wil Skaff


Wil is a second-year International Studies major and Environmental Systems minor. He is interested in climate activism and utilizing the outdoors to create more inclusive environments. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, gardening, and reading. 

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Chiara Fields


Chiara is a fourth year Environmental Systems and International Studies double major who hopes to one day affect change by writing environmental policy and working on climate action plans. She's particularly interested in policy related to renewable energy and sustainable planning. In her free time, she likes reading, traveling, climbing, and going to the beach.

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J. Finn Schwartz


J. Finn Schwartz is a fourth-year Environmental Systems major. He is currently exploring how to most effectively address the climate crisis in whatever format necessary. Otherwise he'll most likely be found outdoors admiring the life that surrounds us all.

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Berns Piffard

Associate Editor ucsd

Berns Piffard is a fourth year Sociology major with a concentration in Social Inequalities and a minor in Political Science. They are interested in researching the way societal structures perpetuate processes that are known to contribute to climate change, despite the existential threat and global commitments made to lower emissions. They are especially interested in the way humanity uses technology to interface with the “natural” domain, and why it typically is of the extractive nature. Outside of that, they like hiking, thrifting, and upcycling fashion.


Writer ucsd

Phoebe Skok is a senior at UCSD majoring in Anthropology: Climate Change and Human Solutions minoring in Linguistics: French. When not writing or editing for the Climate Change Review, Phoebe can be found testing new vegan recipes, doing the New York Times crossword, writing poems, or jumping into cold water.


Malcolm Marshall

Campus Coordinator ucm

Malcolm Marshall is a first-year Biological Sciences student with a concentration on Ecology and Biodiversity at University of California, Merced. He is particularly interested in creating biodiverse habitats and working with large animals. Malcolm lives in the redwood forest of Humboldt County, CA, and is especially interested in the conservation of the redwood forests that occupy Northern California. 


Nicole Phelps


Nicole Phelps is a third-year Literature/Writing major at UCSD. They are passionate about stories and language, and one of their favorite hobbies is media analysis. They have a particular fondness for gorillas.

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Emma Simon

Writer uCLA

Emma is a third-year at UCLA studying Environmental Science and minoring in Professional Writing. She's especially interested in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, and has conducted research on coral reef ecosystems in the Indo-Pacific region. Outside of her ocean science background, she enjoys climbing, painting, and yoga. 


Faith Kaufman

Writer ucsd

Faith Kaufman is a first-year student studying Environmental Systems-Environmental Policy who is passionate about agriculture and herbalism. She is interested in sustainability and having a zero waste California. She enjoys meditation, yoga, and reading philosophical books. 


Erin Shaotran

Writer ucb

Erin Shaotran is a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Society & Environment. She is passionate about reducing the impact of climate change for future generations and has published a book on Erin loves to spend time outdoors with her rescue Pomeranian, Chili.

UC Community



Hello, I’m Leorah Gavidor. I work at the Birch Aquarium and I am also a freelance writer here in San Diego. When I’m not writing or chasing stories (which is most of my free time!), I enjoy hiking with my husband in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park or staying home and cooking a nice pot of soup.


Alexander Gershunov

Faculty Researcher

Researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Climate, Atmospheric Science & Physical Oceanography

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