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We Fixed These Fossil Fuel Companies’ Climate Change Proclamations

Behind the greenwashed facades and misleading promises that the largest contributors to climate change are pushing lie one stone cold truth: their interests remain unchanged - no matter how many photos of plants and solar panels they paste onto their websites.


Last year, the average amount of oil extracted from the earth each day was 88.4 million barrels. The ten largest producers of this fossil fuel accounted for 34.2 million of these daily barrels, or 39% of total global production.

One barrel of oil is equivalent to 42 U.S. gallons. Every day, enough oil is extracted from the Earth to fill 5,625 Olympic swimming pools.

There are few other entities in existence that can be compared to these megacorporations in regards to their impact on global climate change. However, if you visit these companies' websites, you'll find something peculiar: adamant pronouncements that their companies are working tirelessly to propel the world into a sustainable, net-zero future.

This is blatant greenwashing. If you'd like to learn more about the details of how these corporations deceive the public while continuing their criminal responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, you can start with a few good resources listed here:

As a publication that seeks to provide accurate, evidence-backed information to our readers about topics relating to climate change, we at The Climate Change Review took it upon ourselves to fix these mistakes in the statements provided by four fossil fuel companies about their position on climate. We did this by cutting out all the text that is misleading or blatant deception, in order to reveal the truer intentions of these corporations - hidden under a slimy veneer of green.

- Ethan Olson, editor-in-chief


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