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Stella Starfish Gets Some Bad News [Poetry 3rd Place]

Sophia Michelson - 3rd place in Poetry

UCI - Psychology major (minoring in Global Sustainability)

“Stella Starfish Gets Some Bad News”

Stella Starfish was excited,

She got to see her two friends today.

Connie and Ollie had promised

To meet her around mid-day.

“So, what’s the news?”

Stella asked with a “heyyy”.

Connie Crab knew all the gossip

From the shore to the bay.

“I’m afraid there’s bad news”

Connie whispered sadly.

“I can’t believe what has happened

It’s all a terrible tragedy.”

“You know Shelton Shrimp,

Who we all thought was missing?

Well, his whole family was stolen

Because of some illegal fishing!”

“And it doesn’t stop there-”

Connie said stalling,

“The coral reefs are destroyed

From the awful bottom trawling!”

The worst came from Ollie,

The constantly mopey octopus,

Since he now had a reason

For being such a sourpuss.

His best friend Dizzy Dolphin

And others were snatched

Last night unexpectedly -

The latest victims of bycatch!

Stella was in disbelief,

She didn’t know what to do.

Her group of friends was shrinking

Now down to a small few.

With the seawalls and trash,

Ocean warming and overfishing

From ceaseless human activity -

The consequences seem unforgiving.

Stella mourned for her friends

And wished unashamedly,

That the people on land would live

A little more sustainably.

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