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Pollution [Art Honorable Mention]

Katelyn Ramirez - Honorable Mention in Art

UCSD - Psychology major


Inspired by a recent event at UCSD, my piece reflects the pollution that I witnessed and how one short event can encapsulate the long-term effects of humans on the planet. Although there were countless people who attended the event, which had multiple trash cans around the area, they still decided to litter, stomp over the trash, or ignore it completely. Although pollution is not the main cause of climate change, it is still an area we can all improve on. Plastic water bottles and combs (depicted in the image) emit greenhouse gasses during the decomposition process, all of which never really goes away. The coating of these cans have a chance of contaminating water and polluting our air when burned or decomposed. Our actions may last a few seconds, but the effects of pollution on our planet extend far past us.

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