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Ignorance is Bliss [Poetry 1st Place]

Allison Iannucci - 1st place in Poetry

UCSD - Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution

"Ignorance is Bliss"

Ignorance is bliss they say

And it’s in this world they live

Extract and frack what they can

And hope we forget and forgive

What do we do when the ones who take

put blinders to their eyes

And continue their greedy policies

leading us to our demise

Ignorance is bliss they say

And it's this fantasy they get to claim

Far away from the real world truth

The Earth is simply a game

They get to play the cards of life

But we must think to what is the end

When they think it’s only money risked

But it’s lives they’ve had to spend

Ignorance is bliss they say

A world without complaint

They listen to what they want to hear

It’s why our voices seem so faint

They try so hard to muffle our screams

But they really can’t take us all

We will continue to fight for change

Until they can no longer ignore our call

Our voice makes waves

And our actions; it is this

The way we can dismantle the many

Stuck in their ignorance and bliss

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