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Billion Degrees [Poetry Honorable Mention]

Jenna Elaidy - Honorable Mention in Poetry

UCSD - International Relations and Public Law

“Billion Degrees” (Spoken Word)-Jenna Elaidy - Jenna Elaidy
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“Billion Degrees” [SPOKEN WORD & POEM]

This heat wave got me losing my mind in a privileged kind of way. In a behind closed doors,

air-conditioned, two story home kind of way. In a does not affect me, don’t have to work outside,

can wear shorts kind of way. In a I don’t care about the polar bears, or the rivers, or the poverty

line way. In a when I’m dead I’ll be in a cushy coffin, with million dollar gold, and no debt way.

Die with my billions, give it to no one, build a space hotel way. Reduce my carbon footprint with

an electric motor, turn on a private jet engine way. Put on a suit and call climate change a hoax

way. Fund a sweatshop and say “At least I’m not the one sweating” way. Send them ice cubes

as a PR package. In a hey, might as well at this point call the earth flat kinda way. In a I am

going to fight the problem, but forget I am the problem way. In a million times more emissions

than the normal people, but hey at least I am making fancy cars way. In a we will solve climate

change, while also making ourselves richer way. In a we forget that we all die poor anyway.

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