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The Sustainable Cookbook [Non-Fiction 3rd Place]

Phoebe Skok, Conner Hines, Zongze Chen, and Ying Niu - 3rd place Non-Fiction

UCSD - Phoebe: Master's in climate science and policy; Conner: International Business major; Zongze: Molecular and Cell Biology major; Ying: International Business major.

From left: Zongze, Ying, Conner, and Phoebe.

The Sustainable Cookbook is a booklet created by four Seventh College students that is filled with healthy, sustainable, and budget-friendly recipes and food security resources. Created through the Synthesis writing program that is focused on climate change, the Sustainable Cookbook features 10 student-written recipes that are either zero-waste, seasonal, or centered on sustainable nutrition. The booklet also includes climate-centered courses at UC San Diego, a compendium of food security resources, and educational blurbs that highlight the colonial legacies present in our food systems today. Lastly, our pamphlet makes clear the connections between climate change, food security, and unsustainable food systems and offers suggestions for ways that individuals can take action to create a more sustainable food system.

SYN 100 Recipes (1) - Phoebe Skok
Download PDF • 48.64MB

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